Weather Resistant Outdoor Furniture

Weather Resistant Outdoor Furniture

All weather patio furniture

Poly lumber is 100% HDPE (High Density Polyethylene the oldest and the largest produced plastic resin globally).

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Plastic lumber? Sounds weird to even say it. But poly lumber is very durable and ideal material for outdoor furniture.

The poly lumber is either virgin or recycled with the same shape as ordinary lumber used in constructing outdoor furniture.

Some of these products are commonly seen in outdoor decking and some park benches.

Benefits Of Weather Resistant Poly Lumber Furniture

When it is installed properly it is resistant to splitting/cracking and can be molded with or without simulated wood grain features.

It can be 100% recycled after its life-cycle unlike other materials, is environmentally friendly and requires far less maintenance than other woods and some compost materials.

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Benefits & Features Of Weather Resistant Patio Furniture:

Easy to clean no harsh chemicals needed.

Will not rot, split, mildew or attract insects.

Attractive & functional.

Made In The USA.

All stainless steel fasteners.

Variety of colors that are not painted on so will not peel. 

20 Year Residential Warranty & 5 Year Commercial Warranty. 


Weather Resistant Outdoor Furniture



We are bursting at the seams with most landfills, plastic is becoming a major problem because it doesn’t decompose like other materials, so why not make durable poly furniture out of it!

The Technology

Poly resin is revolutionizing the lumber industry by using recycled plastic lumber made from 90% recycled plastic items. On top of being environmentally friendly, Poly Furniture is sturdy and all weather.