Weather Resistant Adirondack Chairs

Weather Resistant Adirondack Chairs

The classic Adirondack chairs designed for the outdoors

In 1903 Thomas Lee was vacationing in the Adirondack Mountains at his summer home and needed some outdoor chairs for his family, so he used his family members as his test subjects and years later we all are the beneficiaries of that effort.

Since then the Adirondack style has been duplicated many times, sometimes with some success, but many times the result was complete failure.

The reason being the idea of high quality construction and quality materials was overlooked or neglected to cut cost.

When shortcuts are used to make the chair cheaper two things are going to suffer, that is longevity and comfort.

Such is not the case with these Weather Resistant Adirondack chairs, these chairs have taken the idea of Thomas Lee to another level by using poly lumber construction and not compromising on construction or quality.