Two Person Hammock | Organic Cotton | Brazilian Macramé

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LAS - CPH16-9
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Brazilian Two Person Hammock


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organic cotton

The family hammock Mannschaft colored is designed with pure high-quality cotton from organic production (certified according to the OE 100 Standard, Textile Exchange). In Colombia, hammocks are an essential part of everyday life and their culture.

Traditional macramé design - This elaborate, handmade macramé is the unique characteristic of these beautiful Brazilian hammocks. Artful connection of the warp threads creates an even distribution of your weight and an unequaled feeling of complete weightlessness and comfort.

Featuring traditional fringe - A quality feature of Brazilian hammocks is the hand-woven fringes; this “Veranda” tradition is from a strong sense of pride found in the workshops in the northeast of Brazil. 

Approximately 20 million Brazilians prefer to sleep in a hammock every night instead of using a traditional bed.

Just like music, dance and football, hammocks are a perfect example of the Brazilian lifestyle.

There are areas of the country where it is traditional to embellish the hammock with decorative fringes and macramé.

In Brazil the women are the masters of the knotting techniques used to do these traditional handicrafts. It is their dedication that prevents this traditional artisan craft from being lost to humankind.

Please note:  Not all hammocks come with the necessary hardware to hang them because every situation is different, some individuals may have a support system while others may need a stand and other hardware. You can find whatever you may need for a hammock or hammock chair on our hammock accessories page

Hammock Specifications & Hanging Requirements:

washable hammockEasy cleaning -Machine-washable at 30 °C (86 °F), gentle cycle.





hammock widthHammock Fabric overall width: 160 cm (5 ft 5 in).




hammock laying surfaceTotal laying surface area: 230 cm (7 ft 7 in).





length of a hammockTotal hammock length: 350 cm (11 ft 6 in).




weight limit of hammockTotal capacity: 160 kg (355 lbs).




hammock materialMaterial description: 100 % hard-wearing and fuzz-free cotton from organic cotton production, complies with EU regulation EEC 834/2007.



hanging distance for hammockRequired minimum distance to hang this hammock is: 310 cm (10 ft 2 in).