Modern Outdoor Fire Pits

Posted by Steven Barnhart on 4th Feb 2021

Wood Burning Fire Pit

Fire pits for your backyard.

Your backyard stage is set, you have your comfortable outdoor furniture sets and your comfortable hammock for all to enjoy.

The only other patio accessory needed that is sure to add value and in some cases charm is a modern day fire pit.

Your fire pit can be the centerpiece of your outdoor living space, a place for social gatherings for friends and loved ones or just an evening with yourself.

Not only does the fire pit provide warmth on those chilly evenings but they also have a way of melting away stress.

So, what constituents a modern outdoor fire pit?

These are usually fire pits that are not only functional but also make a fashion statement in some cases.

They are not some random stones formed in a circle to contain the firewood but stylish pieces of art or modern design.

Especially the gas burning fire pits which not only add value to your outdoor living space but also function as a gathering place for friends or loved ones.

What options are there for a modern outdoor fire pit?

There are a plethora of different shapes, sizes and different materials used to make the modern pit they may include copper, steel, concrete or stone just to mention the most common ones but there are other options as well.

The less components there are will usually mean better longevity, when selecting the metal option pay attention to the thickness of the metal. If you want it to last a very long time, make sure its thick and heavy to withstand the harsh elements of your climate.

Deciding on the right size fire pit.

The best way to decide on which size pit you should get would be determined by how much space you have allocated for it and what its purpose will be.

Do you want a permanent structure?

Do you want to be able to take it with you on camping trips?

The large fire pit

At the risk of sounding like Captain Obvious the larger the fire pit the more wood it can accommodate so it is important that your fire pit area will be safe with larger fires.

Also the larger the fire pit the more difficult it may be to move it if you decide to do so, depending on the material pits over 3 feet wide can be heavy.

Of course finally the larger the pit the more money they will usually cost.

The medium size fire pit

This size fire pit is the most common because they are usually not expensive, they are easily moved around and they are convenient.

They will hold enough fire wood to give you a very sizable

Outdoor Fire Pit

fire and the cleanup of the ashes is not a major hassle.

The mid size pits will be readily available and you will usually have a large selection to choose from, typically they are approximately 30 inches wide.

The small or portable fire pits

This type is designed to be moved around easily, will take up a much smaller footprint and can also be found in a portable solution.

They are ideal for small backyards and for taking with you on a camping trip or even an outing at your local park.

Sunnydaze Outdoor Fire Pits

Since we live in a disposable society often the idea of longevity has gone out the window, but if you are the type of person that likes things to last the most important element to look for is what type of material your fire pit is build with.

The steel pit

Steel is one of the most common materials because it is fairly easy to mold into different spaces, the cost is not real high and there is a wide selection.

There is one enemy of the steel pit and that is rust, so if you are looking for something that is durable and will last you may want to selection one that has treated metal like powder coating.

The higher end models may be handmade by a steel artisan and are very unique and if done properly may last a very long time.

Ever been to a friend’s house and the pit is all melted, distorted and completely covered in rust?

The tile or stone unit

Usually these pits are available as gas-fuel and occasionally wood-burning types.

The tile and stone fire pits are typically very unique and artistic.

They feature a solid steel frame and mesh body, with tiles, rocks or bricks then applied to the mesh body using standard masonry procedures.

These rock fire pits are usually very heavy so frequent movement is not recommended.

The ultimate pit made of copper

Copper is the ultimate material when it comes to fire pits.

These units will not rust in fact; most fire pits made from copper will eventually develop a desirable patina over years of use.

Copper can be molded into unique shapes and will last virtually forever.

Copper products do tend to be on the expensive side, but the cost is worth it in the long run.

This is more than likely going to be a onetime investment that will last a very long time.

The cast iron models

Cast Iron is one of the most common materials used in construction and therefore a natural for building modern outdoor fire pits.

Cast iron is fairly inexpensive, relatively easy to work with and light enough to move around your backyard area when it is necessary.

Cast iron is not as strong as wrought iron or as heavy, but to some the lightweight nature of cast iron is desirable.

The stainless steel option

The Stainless Steel fire pits come with all the great benefits of stainless steel, including a rust-free, durable material that will stay looking great for many seasons.

Many individuals like the industrial look of stainless steel, as well as its functionality.

Unfortunately, stainless steel fire pits are rare and only come in very few styles due to their expensive price.

Sunnydaze Outdoor Fire Pits

That title may elicit a duh, the function is to enjoy a fire, however, there are other functions your pit can be used for or a function.

When selecting the perfect fire pit, you also want to consider what you want to use the fire pit for something we mentioned earlier.

Do you just want to enjoy an outdoor fire for warmth and ambience or do you also want to use it to cook food?

Maybe you just want it to act as furniture or décor in your outdoor living space?

Today, there are fire pits to accommodate anything you may desire.

Modern Backyard Fire Pit

The grilling fire pit

Outdoor grilling is as American as apple pie and having a fire pit that can double as a grill is extremely efficient and handy.

There are a lot of people who think that food prepared over an open flame is more delicious as well!

Many of the units come with a cooking grate, but you can also buy a grate to fit fire pits that don't already come with one.

The unit that serves as a table

Fire pit tables function in a variety of ways.

These multipurpose fixtures provide warmth for those chilly nights spent in your outdoor area and feature a great surface to place drinks when having an outdoor gathering.

Fire pit tables range in size from coffee table height to dining or bar table height.

There are units that feature designs like mosaic tile, decorative glass, and wrought iron and more, you can easily incorporate this kind of table into your outdoor patio furniture set.

The fashion statement

Artistic fire pits are great for those who want a more fashionable look on their patio or pool area that may complement your outdoor décor.

These modern day outdoor fire pits are designed to create an artistic look that's sure to make a statement in any outdoor area.

The perfect camping accessory

A campfire ring is a great lightweight and safe option for backyard campfires, taking on a camping trip or even to your neighbor’s backyard.

If you want to enjoy a simple campfire safe in your backyard without breaking the bank or making more work for yourself, a fire ring may be the perfect solution.

A fire pit update in the COVID 19 era

Given our current situation we may find ourselves spending more time in our backyards, for some that may not be a bad idea. As summer turns to fall the evenings will start to cool down and spending quality time outdoors may prove challenging.

However, there is a solution and that is to install a fire pit in your backyard where you can gather friends or family on those cool evenings and you are not going stare crazy in the house.

You do not need a large budget when it comes to installing a fire pit, there are a plethora of options (many spelled out above) so get started today so you can enjoy the fall evenings later.

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The bottom line for Modern Outdoor Fire Pits

When it comes to an outdoor fire pit having a unit that is also appealing to the eye or adds value to your outdoor living space is a good thing.

However, the bottom line is the main benefit we are going for is the warmth on our face from the flames and that is going to happen whether you have an expensive outdoor pit or a budget fire pit.

The flames are still going to feel relaxing and warm.