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DIY Backyard Fire Pit Ideas

Posted by Steven Barnhart on 10th Sep 2020

DIY Fire Pit Rings

Do it yourself fire pit project

If you have been considering a fire pit for your backyard you probably have encountered sticker shock because some of the fire pit systems can be very expensive especially if you are considering a gas burning fire pit.

However, you can create a unique fire pit system without breaking the bank, that is if you have some DIY skills and a small budget.

You don’t have to be a journeyman carpenter or handyman to complete a fire pit project you just need some DIY backyard fire pit ideas.

Very Important: Before installing any type of fire pit or investing in one it is wise to check with your local city hall to make sure you will not be violating any city ordinances.

Start by leaving some items out of your fire pit project

To keep cost down you may want to consider leaving out some of the items that are often associated with some of these DIY Backyard Fire Pit Ideas and those are:

Skip the decorative stones or rock to start, you can always add them later.

Opting for a wood burning system instead of a gas burning fire pit.

Leave out the built in sitting at the moment (just use patio chairs just make them as comfortable as possible).

Don’t do any custom work that will cost extra like a fire pit kit, if you have mad DIY skills and can add custom work cheap by all means go for it.

When you are investing in a freestanding fire pit the size will determine the cost so if you have a small area to work with then consider a smaller unit.

The big box stores to the rescue

When summer turns to fall your local big box stores will start featuring some great bargains on fire pits, they are usually the smaller portable types often on wheels.

There is nothing wrong with that idea because the warmth you get from those flames will be just as nice as the flames from a fire pit costing thousands of dollars more.

You can always add some pop to your fire pit area by adding some plants with color that are in season at the time you complete your project.

Consider a simple fire pit ring

Using a fire pit ring is by far the most economical way of installing a fire pit in your backyard living space and there are a plethora of different styles and sizes.

Depending how thick the steel is and the design of the ring will often determine how expensive it will be and you can spend hundreds of dollars on one or under a hundred dollars.

Remember you can start simple and embellish the fire pit later with some fancy decorative stones and other accessories to make it unique.

DIY Backyard Fire Pit Ideas

Take in some weekend yard sales

The yard sale can be a great place to find an awesome fire pit bargain especially if scout them in the summer months when building a fire is the las thing anyone is thinking about.

Things are constantly changing for families, kids go off to college, it is time to move and someone needs to lighten the load, maybe someone is going to upgrade their fire pit but the old one has to go first.

Any way you look at it the yard sale is an excellent resource for getting a fire pit really cheap which frees up the budget for other accessories.

Break out the thinking cap and brainstorm some ideas

Brainstorm some ideas on how you can create a very inexpensive but functional fire pit, by functional we mean it will give you hours of enjoyment and be safe at the same time.

The best place to start with brain storming ideas is a very basic steel fire pit ring, once you have it in your possession you can figure out how you can add to it as cheaply and safely as possible.

One great resource for getting ideas for a fire pit is YouTube there are hundreds of videos that will give you a step by step tutorial on how you can create a fire pit using only a fire pit ring.

Take some of those ideas and put your own unique spin on them so you can create a one-of-a-kind fire pit your family can enjoy for years.

Choose your firewood wisely

Once you have your fire pit done and it is time to enjoy it make sure you don’t sour the experience by getting poor firewood.

What is considered poor firewood?

Any wood that doesn’t burn well whether it is because it is not completely dried or you opted for some old wood from a construction work site.

Make sure you get wood from a seasoned supplier someone that knows which wood will burn the best with the least amount of smoke.

There is nothing worse than getting wood that will not light properly and when you finally do get it lit it smokes you out of your backyard.

A final thought about DIY Backyard Fire Pit Ideas

Hopefully there are some ideas here that will get your creative juices flowing so you can get busy and create a unique fire pit area for your own pleasure.

Some people are okay with the spoken word but others may prefer a visual so for those we present a video below with some great DIY fire pit ideas that you may consider.

Regardless what how or what you create make sure you have fun doing it and as always remember safety first because you are playing with fire!

Also remember as we mentioned before the flames from a fifty dollar fire pit are just as warm as flames from a fire pit that may cost thousands.

Some ideas for fire pit rings.

An update regarding COVID-19

You may find you and your family spending more time at home given our current situation and this stupid virus that has turned our world upside down.

Now more than ever we may need to get creative and find ways to enjoy our lives more at home and in the backyard even if it is for a few hours.