Spreader Bar Hammocks

Spreader Bar Hammock

Hammocks designed with a spreader bar

Hammocks that feature spreader bars are often decorative and are preferred by people who like to sun bathe because the spreader bar keeps the lying surface taut and wide open, not allowing any shadow to block their sun.

The ideal lying position is lengthwise towards the middle of the hammock for maximum comfort and taking full advantage of this type of design.

Unlike some other hammocks that should be hung with a slight dip in the middle the spreader bar hammock should be suspended very taut!

A big advantage of this hammock design over other hammocks without spreader bars is the hammock will not fold onto you like a taco.

The way to avoid the folding is to position yourself diagonally, this is the preferred laying position of the Brazilian people and their hammocks.

Hammock with spreader bars are also a little easier to get into because the fabric will be laid out flat making it a bit easier to slide into one. For tips on how to get into a hammock go to this page.

If you are a fan of this type of design there are plenty of options including; HamacTex weatherproof models, pure cotton models all with responsible forestry practices for harvesting the wood used in the bars.

There are several different sizes offered so whether you want a single one for yourself or a family size unit that will handle the entire gang including the dog, unless it is a super sized dog!