Single Hammock Chair Stand

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55.0 LBS
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Single Hammock Chair Stand

The Luna stand is ideal for indoors or out to hang your air chair or hammock chair when convenient trees may be lacking. This Luna stand allows for quick assembly and height adjustments without any tools.

Our Easy Hook is included with this stand, so no other accessories are required to relax and enjoy your hammock chair quickly, except, of course, you need to order a hammock chair!

Stand measures 60" Long (front to back), 45" Wide, and it adjusts from 80" to 95" High. It is strong with durable powder coated steel construction for longevity. Weight limit is 240 lbs.

Please note:

These stands are designed for use in residential leisure applications to provide support for a hanging chair.

It is NOT designed for use in therapeutic care or other commercial or institutional environments where it may be subjected to continuous movement, rotation, or excessive repeated loading.

It should provide many years of excellent service in home applications when used for quiet relaxation. The chair it supports should NOT be used as a swing or subjected to continuous rotation. This product should NOT be subjected to loads exceeding the weight limit.