Outdoor Hammock Ideas

Outdoor Hammocks

Hammock ideas for your backyard

When we have company over there are usually two places they gather and that is the kitchen area or weather permitting it is outdoors.  

A great addition to your outdoor area is a hammock or a hammock chair that can be used by your guests for relaxing and socializing. 

The moment a hammock is spotted by guests they all say the same thing "Oh that looks relaxing". 

So add some color and charm to your outdoor decor with a comfortable cotton hammock and it is sure to be a hit with friends and loved ones.  

If you are the type that likes to set it and forget it our Hamac Tex (weatherproof material) outdoor hammocks would be an excellent choice because you can leave them out all season long!

We offer units in several different sizes, with brilliant colors, organic models, in a chair version or designed for children.

If you do not have a support structure to hang one no worries because we offer a variety of hammock stands featuring powder coated steel or durable wood.  

Select your spot, order your own today and enjoy your outdoor space with friends and family or a little alone time.

7 Features That Define A Great Outdoor Hammock:

1. Comfortable and durable material, something that can stand up to the elements like our HamaTex hammocks.

2. One that can accommodate a single person nicely yet has room to share with a loved one.

3. One that features organic or 100% pure cotton.

4. Machine washable and easy to take down or adjust. (Our quick release rope systems).

5. Features a large number of suspension cords for comfort and reliability.

6. Designed colors so you can complement the rest of your outdoor décor.

7. Weaving system that provides a strong fabric that will last many, many seasons.