Organic Cotton Hammocks

Organic Cotton Hammocks

Hammocks made with organic cotton 

Organic cotton (GOTS).

Fair to humans and also fair to nature: Organic cotton is not only an environmentally friendly alternative to conventional cotton; it is also as soft to your touch and very easy to clean.


The organic seal of the globally renowned Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) stands for strict environmental and social criteria, which are applied throughout the manufacturing chain. Certified by IMO-CH, Licence no 130448.

What constitutes an organic hammock?

The organic cotton used in these Organic Cotton Hammocks is grown and harvested using methods that require a low impact on our environment.

These methods include replenishing the soil, and using safe growing methods without harmful fertilizers or pesticides, and supervised by a third party to ensure all organic certified processes are followed before it can be called organic.

Another feature of organic cotton is the seed cannot be genetically engineered (No GMO!), these hammocks are made of pure high-quality cotton from organic production (certified according to the OE 100 Standard, Textile Exchange).

Other Advantages Of Organic Farming.

Approximately 25% of all pesticides applied worldwide are during the cultivation of conventional cotton! This is astounding when you consider only 2.4% of the globally growing areas for agricultural use is used for growing cotton. 

When you compare the water consumption used cultivating conventional cotton versus water consumption for farming organic cotton, organic farming is considerably lower.

Does Organic Cotton Need A Special Plot Of Land?

Organic cotton doesn’t require special land it can be cultivated everywhere where conventional cotton is grown.

However before formerly conventionally treated cotton field can be used for growing organic products, the farmland needs to be farmed according to ecological principles for a period of 3 years and must be free of chemical substances.

Only after this period of decontamination the cropped cotton will be allowed to be called organic cotton.