Non Spreader Bar Hammocks

Non Spreader Bar Hammocks

Hammocks designed without a spreader bar

If you like the idea of your hammock wrapping up next to you like a comfortable blanket then you may enjoy a non spreader bar hammock. 

As the name implies there is no bar that separates the suspension cords that attach to the main body of the hammock.

This type of design is very common with the hammocks from Brazil, Columbia or Mexico, the ideal way to lie in this type is diagonal rather than in a straight line.

This makes it much more comfortable on your back and provides a smooth alignment of your spine in relation to the hammock and you will feel completely relaxed. 

Non spreader bar hammocks are much easier to store if storage space is an issue for you because there is no bar the hammock can be folded into a much smaller package.

This type of hammock will not tip as easy as a spreader bar type will so jump in and relax!

If you have fear of falling out of a hammock or getting bucked off then you have the wrong hammock, did not set it up properly or perhaps it is the wrong size!