Lightweight Hiking Hammocks

Lightweight Hiking Hammocks

Hammocks that are designed for hiking 

When you are on a backpacking trip the last thing you want is anything too heavy!

The idea of a hammock for sleeping is an excellent idea unless it weighs too much, so the ideal solution is an ultralight hammock that is easy to fold and carry!

That being said the idea of extra light is great only if the hammock is durable and large enough. 

Some of these hammocks weigh in at a measly 24 ounces yet will hold up to 375 pounds because of the strong parachute polyester fabric!

Other models are only 10 ounces and hold up 250 pounds, so there is sure to be a hammock that will fit your camping needs.

There you have it lightweight, durable, very affordable and some models large enough for two people!