How To Buy Outdoor Furniture Online

Adirondack Chairs

Decide what type of outdoor furniture you are comfortable with

There are some factors you should consider before investing so hopefully this will help understand how to buy outdoor furniture online.

For starters you should consider what you like in terms of style, colors and whether making a fashion statement is important to you.

A lot of outdoor patio furniture feature bold colors, some with unique fabrics and an assortment of other considerations you should think about and decide which ones are important to you.

Then there is the material, do you want all wood furniture, plastic, metal or perhaps more modern poly lumber weather resistant outdoor furniture?

Perhaps comfort trumps everything else and is the most important factor to you.

When it comes to comfort there are the tried and true styles like the chaise lounge or an Adirondack style that almost guarantees comfort without even doing a “test sit”.

These are the pieces that have stood the test of time and have proven themselves worthy of your outdoor living space.

Some of the outdoor patio pieces are going to get more use than others, a high back dining chair is going to be used for shorter periods of time.

On the other hand a chair designed for long term lounging needs to be designed to provide comfort and look good doing it.

How will the furniture fit in with your backyard living space?

The next item on the list is how your new outdoor furniture is going to fit into your current outdoor living space, are you dealing with a small footprint?

Are you lucky enough to have a huge patio area and a sizable backyard?

What is the surrounding area like? Do you have l lots of potted plants or trees and shrubs or large areas of grass?

How the furniture will fit in the grand scheme of things may determine what type pieces you invest in and how many.

As an example if you have or are going to get a fire pit you will want at least four chairs if not more, because the fire pit is going to be like a magnet for your friends and family!

How will the furniture used?

This may seem like a silly question but how will it be used? Are you the type that likes to entertain on the patio a lot, with large groups of people?

If so then a patio dining set is a must have.

Do you have a pool?

If so then your guests would probably like to relax on a chaise lounge poolside or use them for tanning.

As mentioned above if you have a fire pit or other patio item that would gather a crowd then you need to consider what type of seating arrangement would work best.

Weather Resistant Outdoor Furniture

What are some of the important factors to you as a buyer?

Is Warranty Important To You?

There are a lot of simple choices that are available at the big box stores however more than likely there is not going to be any warranty offered with the furniture.

On the other hand there are high end furniture pieces that offer a twenty year warranty, a warranty like that speaks volumes in terms of quality.

Of course the adage you get what you pay for comes to mind.

Is Made in the USA Important To You?

For the most part most people may not even consider this point, however there are many that regard it as a must have.

This will take some researching because most outdoor patio furniture is not made in the USA.

Is Price A Top Priority?

If you are on a strict budget then a lot of higher end furniture is going to be eliminated from your search parameters.

However if you are aware of the price tag but still want quality then your focus may want to be on furniture that is going to give you the most in terms of longevity.

You will want products that will last for season after season not just one and done!

Is Easy Maintenance A Priority For You?

If you like the idea of getting the most from your leisure time, then you may not want to invest in high maintenance outdoor furniture.

Of course all types of furniture will need some type of care, the question is how much time will it take from your weekends or holidays?

This is where outdoor furniture that is designed to be cleaned with a garden hose would be ideal.

Furniture products that will not mold, mildew, fade, chip or rust!

What type of climate do you reside in?

The climate you reside in is going to be very important because it will decide to some degree how well your furniture will stand up to the elements.

If you live in the desert Southwest then your main concern is going to be the relentless sun beating down on your furniture pieces.

 If you reside in extreme weather conditions like below zero temperatures during the winter, followed by thunderstorms and hail during summer, you need something durable.

Will storage be a problem if you want to store for the winter?

Referring to the harsh elements mentioned above if you are going to want to store your furniture during the winter because you get lots of snow, then you need to consider a storage solution depending on how many pieces you have and what type.

There are furniture pieces that can be folded down or taken apart to some degree, however if you have chairs in a dining set they may not have that option and will require more storage space.

Outdoor Furniture

Now how to buy outdoor furniture online

Beyond all the considerations mentioned above there is also the question of where to purchase your furniture pieces online.

First order of business would be to seek out someone that has a complete line and not some flash in the pan that is gone days after your purchase.

You can tell a lot about an online retailer by looking at their product descriptions, the reason being they care enough about you are a customer to explain fully the product that is being presented.

If you come across a product and the description is one sentence that states buy me I am great it may be wise to move on.

It tells you that the retailer is in it strictly for the sound of the cash register and nothing more. Real customer service starts after the purchase is made.

What are some items you need to look for?

If you come across an online store that has furniture you like there are some things you may want to pay attention to:

Do they have a contact us page so you can ask questions or resolve issues after a purchase?

Are their product descriptions thorough? In other words do you have a clear understanding of the product and its options?

Do they offer a complete line of outdoor furniture products, in other words if you want a dining set, a chaise lounge, a garden bench and Adirondack chairs do they offer it?

Or are they a one trick pony?

A final word on how to buy outdoor furniture online

There are some amazing products online and it should not be a stressful experience when you are making a purchase. Plus you can do it in your pajamas!

Most of the time at first glance you know a trustworthy merchant, just like walking up to a brick and mortar store you know by appearance what you are getting yourself into.

Buying product from a guy with a van in an alley is not what most people are looking for and know the consequences.

Most online merchants will bend over backwards to help you with your buying experience all you have to do is ask for their help if you need it.

Anyone worthwhile will have an 800 number, an email contact that you can use to reach out for questions or concerns.

When you make a purchase you may not have to pay for shipping it will depend on the size of the products.

Some of the larger furniture sets may require shipping by freight truck rather than a common carrier like UPS. It should be clearly stated on the website whether it is free shipping or if there is a freight charge.