How To Buy A Hammock

Two Person Hammocks

Insight on how to purchase a hammock online

First item of business is to say congratulations, if you have never owned a hammock you are really going to enjoy it that is why we want to help.

You may be saying at this point give me a break how complicated can buying a hammock be?

Believe it or not you may have a bad experience with a hammock if certain things are not done right.

Before you make your purchase read our hammock knowledge base article, it will explain the different types of hammocks you can select from.

It will also cover hammock fabrics, styles, accessories and many other items that are important to understand before making your investment.

As an example knowing the difference between a spreader bar hammock and a non spreader bar and how each one will function.

What we want to prevent is you saying “well I wish I would have known that before I bought this type of hammock.”

Pay attention to the hammock details!

Since this is about buying a hammock online we will cover some of the most important considerations.

Be sure to read the product descriptions, everything about the hammock you are interested in should be laid out in detail.

If the product description is one sentence that states this hammock is great buy it, walk away.

If the merchant doesn’t care enough about you to give you a detailed description then they are not worthy of your business.

Know in advance how the hammock will be used so you know what to look for in the product details.

Be sure to pay close attention to weight capacity and other specifications that are important.

You don’t want a hammock with a weight limit of 100 pounds if it is going to be used by a 180 pound person.

Also you don’t want a hammock that is going to come up short if a person is over 6 feet.

Know where you will be setting up the hammock so you can plan in advance for any hardware you may need to complete the setup.

Not all hammocks come with the necessary hardware and the merchant should explain that in the product details and provide a resource for accessories if needed.

Since there are some many different types of hammocks and ways to set them up it is almost impossible to have every scenario for setup covered.

That is why it is wise to have a plan before investing in your new hammock, there are links below with in depth details about the various types and much more.

Have an idea before purchasing how and where the hammock will be used.

This is important because during the purchase process you will need to know if you will need additional hammock accessories.

As an example if you are going to setup your hammock between two trees you may need some hammock hanging straps.

You don’t want your beautiful trees damaged by screwing in hardware into the trunk.

If you don’t have any trees then you may need to consider a hammock stand, the advantage of a stand is you can move your hammock anywhere you want.

Finally if you are going to setup your hammock via a pergola or your patio structure you want to make sure it will support the weight.

You should also consider a wall mounting suspension system for hanging your hammock properly.

Make the hammock shopping fun!

The most important detail is to have fun, hammocks are for your enjoyment not something to stress about.

Below are some additional links to help you understand how to buy a hammock.

This article is about the hammock backyard and goes in depth about all things hammocks.

Go here if you are getting a hammock for camping to gain some insight into hammock camping.

Especially if you are interested in leave no trace camping!

This page will give you some tips about how to hang a hammock with a link to a hammock hanging calculator.

So there you have it, whether you are investing in a hammock for your backyard or to take on your next camping trip (or both) this is a great place to start.

Enjoy the process and the outcome!