Hammock Stands

Hammock Stands

Hammock stands for chairs and hammocks

All right, now you've finally ordered that wonderful hammock you have been dreaming of for so long, and then it hits you wait a second, you don't have any trees to hang it on!

Not to worry, if you don’t have any trees or other support structures like a patio or pergola there is the hammock stand.

There are different options, if you prefer metal then a powder coated steel stand may be your best option.

If you like the look and feel of wood there are beautiful wood stands that you may consider.

Not only are they durable but an awesome piece of décor that will add value to your backyard living space.

Just remember to match the hammock stand to the weight capacity of your hammock so you can use them safely and be comfortable.

Most stands are adjustable but if you decide on one that is not be sure to measure your hammock before selecting it to make sure it will fit properly. You can use rope or chain from your local home improvement store to make some adjustments if the stand is too big.

You don't need a tree, but hey it would be nice to plant one, then stretch out in your hammock and admire your handiwork and watch your shady spot grow!


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