Hammock Ideas For The Backyard

Cotton Hammock

Using a hammock in your backyard design

A Wikipedia definition of design is as follows: Design is "a road map or a strategic approach for someone to achieve a unique expectation.

In this approach we are going to discuss options for using a hammock in your backyard design.

The hammock doesn't have to be the focal point if you have other points of interest like a swimming pool.

However, if your backyard is rather bland then the hammock could be the focal point that is surrounded by planters, trees or shrubs.

If you live in a tract housing area which is also referred to as cookie cutter housing then you know every house looks very similar.

This also includes the backyard areas, often it will have a very basic ground covering like rock or just left empty for you to complete.

This is where hammock ideas for the backyard come into play, just because your home may look like your neighbor doesn’t mean your backyard has to.

If you don’t live in a tract community most of this information may still apply.

What is going to be your focal point in your backyard?

If your home as an open concept floor plan more than likely you will have a sight line directly into your backyard, so what do you want people to notice first?

Or if not an open concept when you enter your backyard what is the first thing you want your guest to focus on or see?

Maybe you have a swimming pool (lucky you) if so then the pool by sear volume is going to take center stage.

But without a pool maybe it is a fire pit? Or perhaps you have beautiful outdoor furniture?

If none of the above, then perhaps you should consider making your hammock the focal point.

Your hammock is all about relaxation.

When someone spots a hammock more than likely they first impression is going to be ahhh that looks relaxing.

That is if you make the hammock look inviting, this can be done by several methods:

First the hammock needs to be setup properly, if is dragging on the ground or showing wear and tear then it is not very inviting.

Second what the hammock is hung from can also make a statement, if it is between two trees, the trees themselves can help set the mood.

If you are using a hammock stand then a high quality stand with stunning features will make the hammock even more inviting and make your outdoor area shine.

A garden hammock can be total paradise.

If you have a small garden area that features a variety of different trees, shrubs or maybe a stone pathway it is the perfect setting for a hammock.

The centerpiece can be your hammock, where you or your guests are surrounded by beauty as you relax in total comfort.

The surrounding trees, plants or flowers will add to the feeling of well being and comfort.

Backyard Hammock

Setup your hammock by the swimming pool.

When you think of poolside normally it is lounge chairs or other outdoor furniture, often used to sunbathe after a swim.

How nice would it be to have your hammock poolside so when you are done swimming you can relax and get some sun in your hammock?

If it is a 100% soft cotton hammock then you don’t have to worry about getting burnt which could happen with a metal lounge chair that has been sitting in the sun.

Making your hammock an extension of your patio area.

Getting back to the tract home scenario, maybe you don’t have a garden area or a swimming pool.

Not to worry you can still feature outdoor hammocks.

One way of doing this is to create a pathway directly to the hammock from your patio, by a stepping stone path or directly off your patio.

The bottom line is when you exit your back door onto your patio the hammock is the first thing you see.

If you have a beautiful hammock with bright bold colors it is going to add pop to your outdoor living space and catch the eye as soon as you exit the back door.

However, the hammock idea is not just about color the ultimate goal is to create an area where you can relax after a long day at work or spend the weekend with a stay-cation.

Another important element to consider when you are coming up with your own hammock ideas for the backyard is the proper setup of the hammock.

If it is not properly setup that being too saggy or too tight then you are not going to be comfortable if that is the case more than likely you will not be using it. 

Poolside Hammock

Using your hammock in a small space.

There are many hammock lovers that don’t have a backyard to speak of and are lucky if they have a small pad in their so called backyard.

A hammock can still be used even in a very small footprint; it may require some creative thinking on how to position it so it is not in your way.

Another idea for a very small space is a hammock chair because they require a very small area and they can be taken down easily when not in use.

If you don’t have a support structure for a hammock chair you may have to invest in a stand, which you can use indoors or outdoors.

In a small or large footprint if you are using a hammock stand of any type you can always place flower pots on each end to add a pop of color and enhance your living space.

Making your backyard hammock easily accessible

Seems simple enough, but is your design laid out in such a way that you can easily access your hammock?

Imagine you have your favorite beverage, that book you want to read forever because a good friend said it is a must read.

Now do you have to go through an obstacle course to get to your relaxing hammock or is it easy peasy and has you relaxing in no time?

The easier it is to use the more you will use your hammock, if you have to set it up or trek into the wilderness to get to it the less you will enjoy.

The final word about backyard hammock ideas and design.

No matter what size your backyard area is or how fancy your outdoor living space may be one thing is certain you will be able to relax with a hammock.

The only thing now is to decide which type of hammock is right for you and your family, will it be a spreader bar hammock or non spreader bar hammock?

Other choices are deciding on a hammock chair instead of the regular hammock, in some cases the extra large hammock chairs can also serve as a hammock for the right person.

It should be your final destination after a long day at the office or a hectic work week; there are only so many minutes in the week.

How will you use them?