Hammock Chairs

Hammock Chairs

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The advantages of a hammock chair

Some of our hammock chairs are handcrafted in Brazil and other countries where hammocks are commonplace.

If you have been considering a porch swing or a hanging bed, then you may consider hanging hammock chairs.

So what is a hammock chair?

Well take a full size cotton type hammock without spreader bars fold it in the shape of a taco and voila, you have a comfortable lounger.

The chair takes pressure off your back and is completely relaxing for watching a movie, reading your favorite book, doing homework or just snoozing.

The hammock chair is ideal for small spaces, plus you can always take it down when it is not being used to allow more living space.

Another great feature is the hammock chair can easily be used indoors or outdoors, if you are using a hammock chair stand that makes it even easier to use it anywhere indoors or out. 

Hammock Chair Stand

Next question where can I hang a hammock chair?

If working indoors any sturdy ceiling structure will support a hammock chair with the proper hardware, however if you would rather have it portable (for indoor or outdoor use) you may consider a hammock chair stand.

If you are going to use it outdoors then any solid support structure will work, like a pergola, your patio support beams and of course a good old reliable tree branch.

Important consideration! Make sure what ever support structure you use whether indoors or outdoors that it is strong enough to handle the weight of the hammock and the people using it!

Regardless of where you decide to place the chair there is no doubt there may be competition for the use of it, once people try it.

Hammock chair stands

There are a variety of different stands that are universal and some that are dedicated for use with a hammock chair that features a spreader bar.

So depending on the type of hammock chair you have will determine the stand that will serve you best.

One of the most important considerations is making sure the weight capacity is at or greater than the chair you will be using it for.

The hammock chair stand is offered in metal or wood options, depending on your usage would determine which option would be best for your family.