Extra Large Hammock | Spreader Bars

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All Weather Hammock

Mauritius Hybrid Hammock XL (multi stripe)

The Mauritius is the big brother to the Aruba hammock.

Its features include a big sleep pocket, and a no tip design.
The Beautiful wood spreader bars keep the hammock fabric spread out to show off the inviting colors woven in our EllTex poly / cotton blend.
A nap in this hammock will surely make you feel as though you have been swept away to the Indian Ocean.

Hammock Specifications: 

Color: Multi-Stripe.
Hammock Dimensions: 55" x 85"
Overall Length: 130"
Weight Limit: 330 lbs.
Approximate Hanging Point: 10' - 11'


Not all hammocks come with the necessary hardware to install it.

The reason for this is the maker of the hammock has no idea how it will be used or setup.

Including all the hardware for every situation would drive up the cost of each hammock.

Therefore it is wise to browse our hammock accessories page to see if you will need any mounting accessories.

On the page you will see options for mounting on a wall, a tree, a support structure like a pergola or a hammock stand.

Advantages of a spreader bar hammock

Hammocks that feature a spreader bar are preferred by people who like to sun bathe because the spreader bars keep the lying surface open and taut not allowing any shadow to block their sun.

The ideal lying position is lengthwise towards the middle of the hammock for maximum comfort and taking full advantage of this type of design.

Unlike some other hammock types that should be hung with a slight dip in the middle the spreader bar hammock should be suspended taut for maximum comfort!