Double Brazilian Hammock | Machine Washable

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Double Brazilian Hammock | Machine Washable.

Crafted in Brazil in the tried and true traditions of the region, from 85% recycled cotton and 15% polyester, this hammock will stretch and confirm for exquisite comfort. These hammocks are handmade in the country that perhaps knows the hammock better than any other in the world.

The comfortable fabric feels as familiar as your favorite jeans or flip-flops. The careful weave is tight enough for support and durability, while just loose enough to let a refreshing breeze pass through. The hammocks are intended to be used on the go — and they pack, assemble and hang easily.

Beach side respites. Campsites. The shade of a large tree in your own backyard. The perfect spot for a book and a cold drink. Rejuvenating sleep.

They are simple, care-free and luxurious. In short, our Brazilian hammocks are everything you imagine an afternoon on a beach to be. Of course they are.

They’re Brazilian hammocks, and they’re the real deal. Larger than the Barbados Single, the Paradiso is the crown jewel in the Amazonas Hammock line. At over 8 feet long and 5 and a half feet wide, the Paradiso has room for at least a couple folks, and maybe the dog as well!

Color: Tropical; Care:  Hand Wash or Machine Wash on cool or cold gentle/delicate cycle

Hammock Dimensions: 68" x 101" 
Overall Length: Approximately 140", due to variation at times of handmade/tied ropes on each end
Weight Limit: 400 lbs.
Approximate Hanging Point: 11' - 12' span required, due to variation of handmade/tied ropes on both ends


Not all hammocks come with the necessary hardware to install it.

The reason for this is the maker of the hammock has no idea how it will be used or setup.

Including all the hardware for every situation would drive up the cost of each hammock.

Therefore it is wise to browse our hammock accessories page to see if you will need any mounting accessories.

The Brazilian Hammock

Approximately 20 million Brazilians prefer to sleep in a hammock every night instead of using a traditional bed.

Just like music, dance and football, hammocks are a perfect example of the Brazilian lifestyle.

There are areas of the country where it is traditional to embellish the hammock with decorative fringes and macramé.

In Brazil the women are the masters of the knotting techniques used to do these traditional handicrafts. It is their dedication that prevents this traditional artisan craft from being lost to humankind.