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Creating A Functional Outdoor Living Space

Posted by Steven Barnhart on 4th Sep 2020

Outdoor Hammocks

Making the most of your backyard living space

If we look up the term functional in the dictionary these are the results:



of or having a special activity, purpose, or task; relating to the way in which something works or operates.


designed to be practical and useful, rather than attractive.

However, we are going to go a bit beyond functional and also suggest ideas for creating a living space that is also attractive.

In your face definition number two!

Along the way we will also discuss a budget option for those that will be working with a strict budget but still want the functionally we refer to.

The main items we will be using for our living space are:

A hammock

A fire pit system of some type.

Outdoor furniture that will complement our usage and our outdoor scheme and decor.

There are of course other items that can be used or you may already have like a swimming pool (lucky you) or items for children like a swing set or sand box.

All these are great and the items we will be discussing here will complement these items as well.

Hammock ideas for your backyard

By the list above you can see where we are going with this, we are going to create an atmosphere that is relaxing and enjoyable to use for one or a group.

First on the list is the hammock it needs to be able to handle whatever you are going to put it through in other words how often and by how many people.

The how often part will dictate the quality of the hammock you will need to invest in a hammock that will withstand the elements as well as the number of people using it.

Also, you need to consider the weight capacity of the individuals that may be using by themselves or if there are going to be several at a time.

To take care of this demand you will need to pay attention to the weight capacity of the hammock almost all vendors will post that specification if it is not there move on!

The next item to check off your hammock search is the type of material it is made of, if it is cotton (which is going to be comfortable) it will require some care and can’t be left outside during inclement weather.

There are hammocks that are made of weatherproof material so you can leave them outside in the rain or sun and you should be fine.

Regardless of what type you invest in if you have harsh winter with snow it would be recommended to take it down and store it in a dry place during the winter..

As promised for the budget minded – You can find a plethora of hammocks that will not cost a fortune you may have to take care of them to make them last under normal usage a hammock should last at least three or more years.

A large selection of hammock ideas.

Outdoor Fire Pits

Creating a fire pit system for your backyard

First item of business it is wise to check with your local city ordinances before investing in any type of fire pit system not all cities are the same.

There are countless ways you can create a fire pit for your backyard, one solution is to hire a contractor and have them design a complete system that serves as a fire pit and also a cooking station.

Usually this type of system if operated by gas and will require a licensed contractor to install the system according to your local ordinances.

Another option is to purchase a fire pit that is either gas burning or wood burning this is usually a personal preference some people just like the notion of a wood burning fire and the sense of relaxation it can provide.

Still there are others that just want to flip a switch or turn a knob and voila there is a fire to relax by.

Nothing gathers people like moths to a flame than a nice warm fire on a cool fall evening or any other time for that matter.

When it comes to deciding on a fire pit there are a plethora of options all different sizes, shapes and features.

There are even fire pits that can be considered piece of art that will make your outdoor living space pop.

As promised for the budget minded – You do not need to spend a large sum of money to enjoy a fire pit remember the flames will be just as warm coming from a fifty-dollar pit as well as a thousand-dollar pit.

Another budget idea is to simply get a fire pit ring you can start there and eventually add some decorative stones if you desire.

Fire pit suggests to consider.

Outdoor Furniture

Selecting outdoor furniture that will be relaxing and functional

Like the fire pits there are mega choices when it comes to selecting outdoor furniture, the first thing that comes to mind is how much use it will have and how long you want it to last.

There are several different material choices when it comes to patio furniture whether it is plastic, wood, metal or a hybrid material.

This is going to come down to your personal preference some individuals would much rather have wood over plastic and still others want it to last no matter what kind of material it is.

If you decide on wood some of the popular choices are (not all) teak, cedar, pine or even oak.

The wooden outdoor furniture will require some maintenance, how much and how often will be determined by your climate.

The plastic option is going to be more forgiving when it comes to the elements but may not provide the ideal comfort and style options you may desire.

The ultimate outdoor furniture for fashion, durability and comfort is the poly lumber furniture that is made from virgin or recycled plastic.

The poly lumber will not decay, chip, fade or rust and if you decided could be left outside year-round however, it is not cheap!

As promised for the budget minded – The ideal outdoor furniture option for the budget minded is the complete outdoor sets.

There are several different manufacturers of these sets and they are usually at great discounts in early spring.

The large chain stores or online are your best option for getting a complete set at great discounts.

Here are some outdoor furniture ideas.

Putting the backyard design ideas all together

As you can tell all the items we mentioned are designed to provide comfort and a way for you to relax in your backyard.

Given the stupid virus I will not mention by name you may find you are spending more time in your backyard so if you can’t go to a resort maybe you can bring a little resort in your backyard or patio area.

Backyard Living Space