How To Sleep In A Hammock

Posted by Steven Barnhart on 2nd Feb 2016

How To Sleep In A Hammock

Setting Up Your Hammock Properly For Sleeping Comfortable

Well that sounds simple enough, sleeping is not that difficult right? Well it can be difficult in a hammock if there are factors working against you:

Your hammock is hung to low.

If you have an exaggerated bend in your hammock then your back is going to suffer.

For an idea how it should appear look to the banana and that is the shape you want to start with and adjust it from there.

If your hammock is strung too taut.

If you have your hammock hung and it is so tight that you could hit the same note as middle C on the piano chances are you are not going to be comfortable, lighten up… see the rule above.

A hammock that is strung too taut is going to be miserable for you and also you run a higher risk of rolling out of the hammock, so much for a relaxing experience. 

You are not lying in the hammock properly.

Not all hammocks are created equal, if you have a spreader bar type hammock and it is adjusted properly then you might be able to lay head to toe straight in line with the hammock. 

However if you have a non spreader bar hammock like a Brazilian type you may want to consider taking a diagonal approach.

Brazilian Hammock

It will be much more comfortable your back will be in the proper alignment and you will be able to sleep comfortable, after all that has been a way of life in South American countries forever.

Not only are the non spreader bar hammocks better for spine alignment they are also much easier to keep clean because all you have to do in machine wash them.

Your hammock is not the right size for you.

If you have a giant over sized hammock there is a strong possibility it will fold up around you like a taco, not good, likewise if it is too small your body parts are going to be hanging over the sides or over the end.

A final thought, you are not likely going to rest comfortable for a long period of time if you have never slept in a hammock, like a new pair of shoes it may take a breaking in period.

The spreader bar hammocks 

At the risk of being a total Captain Obvious you know what this is; it is referring to a hammock that features a spreader bar.

That is excellent but what the heck does a spreader bar do and why is it important to me?

The spreader bar separates the suspension cords that are weaved into the hammock on each end.

These cords are very important because they support the hammock when it is secured to a tree, stand or other support structure.

Also they are critical when it comes to supporting your weight, the more suspension cords there are the more your weight is evenly distributed therefore providing you excellent comfort

If you are the type of person that likes to tan when you are on your hammock then you will enjoy this type of hammock because it is strung taut therefore there are no shadows to mess with your tanning process.

There are some spreader bar hammocks that offer a no tipping feature which is great for the person that has thought about getting a hammock but remembered an embarrassing moment when they crashed trying to get into one.

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How To Sleep In A Hammock

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