How To Get Into A Hammock

Posted by Steven Barnhart on 26th Aug 2015

How To Get Into A Hammock

How to get into a hammock without embarrassing yourself 

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How to get into a hammock the proper way without falling out or embarrassing yourself in front of friends or family.

There is a wrong way and a right way to get into a hammock, however before you attempt the mount or dismount there are some important considerations for your optimal comfort:

1. Make sure the hammock is the right size for you and that it is not too small, also make sure of the weight capacity of the hammock is within range of your weight.

2. Make sure the hammock is properly secured to a sturdy support and that the hammock is setup properly. If the hammock is too high or too low getting in properly is going to be difficult. 

Now you are ready to get into the hammock.

The first step is to approach the hammock at the center with your back to the bed, next grasp the hammock with your left and right hand and pull it into the back of your legs and slowly sit down. (see diagram above)

Now you are ready to swing your legs inside the hammock, from this position you can now make your final adjustments up or down for optimal comfort and relaxation.

To get out of the hammock simply repeat the process in reverse.

If it is a Mayan type or Brazilian style hammock the ideal position is slightly diagonal, for a better understanding see the diagram above.

Are you more of a visual type of person?

If so then check out this video with six simple steps for getting into a hammock the right way and even allow someone else to join you!

After all one of the benefits of enjoying your hammock experience is to share it with a loved one!

Now that you know how to get into a hammock we are going to assume that it has been setup properly.

If not there is information presented here to help, also once you have mastered getting into the hammock perhaps you may need some tips on how to relax properly.

Most hammocks are a no brainer just stretch out and relax, however, the Brazilian type hammocks are designed to be used diagonally. (see information below)

How to properly setup your hammock.

The first order of business is to find the right spot to hang your hammock, if you are fortune enough to have two evenly spaced trees then all you need is a  rope suspension system (preferably one that adjust easily).

If you don’t have any structure or trees then you may have to consider using a hammock stand to suspend your hammock from.

Figuring out the correct laying position.

If you are new to a hammock and not used to lying in one it will require some patience and practice to find your perfect lying position.

Full comfort of your hammock is experienced most intensely when you are lying diagonally on it, especially if it is a non spreader bar type.

Most hammock newcomers will generally lie in their hammock lengthwise. This position may not be very comfortable. In a bent posture the fabric closes so tightly around your body that you will not be able to see outside, think of a taco.

The ideal position for a non spreader bar Brazilian type hammock: Lying diagonally

By lying diagonally on your hammock, your body opens up the fabric so that you will be able to enjoy looking at the sky or keep an eye on your surroundings.

Proper Lying Position On A Hammock

Most hammock enthusiasts are certain about one thing: the perfect position in a hammock is lying diagonally.

Lying diagonally also improves your swinging ability, as you do not move from right to left but back and forth as if you were in a rocking chair.

This method is not for all hammocks or even for all individuals, it is ideal for the non spreader bar type hammocks that are designed for lying in diagonally.