Health Benefits Of A Hammock

Posted by Steven Barnhart on 7th Apr 2021

Health Benefits Of A Hammock

Health Benefits Of A Hammock

How Hammocks May Help You Sleep Better!

We all know how relaxing a hammock can be after a long day or week at work; however there may be  Health Benefits Of A Hammock

According to  webMD sleeping on a hammock may be just what you need if you are having trouble falling asleep or staying asleep because of the gentle swaying motion.

There is a new study that shows the rocking motion of a hammock will help individuals fall asleep faster and will help they reach a deep sleep. 

The reason is the gentle rocking works the same way it does for a baby in a cradle. 

We may all remember at time in our childhood when we were in a rocking chair and how soothing it was, no wonder it put us to sleep.

The study found that not only did individuals fall asleep faster in a hammock-like bed, but the smooth rocking motion changed the nature of the sleep participants.

Your body will relax more when it is positioned correctly.

Your body's pressure points are much better when you are stretchered out in a hammock and you will feel less aches and pains.

However it is very important that the hammock is properly hung otherwise the so called benefits will actually be working against you.

The hammock setup is very critical! 

If you know someone who complained about a hammock or maybe you did at some point there is a strong possibility the discomfort was because of two reasons:

A. The hammock was not setup properly, meaning it was too taunt or it was slung too low. 

B. You may not have been using it properly, as an example you should be lying diagonally in a Brazilian type hammock without a spreader bar.

To learn more about hanging a hammock properly  browse this page for some tips.