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Posted by Steven Barnhart on 16th Jun 2014

Hammock Hanging System

Hammock Suspension System

If you were lucky enough to have received a hammock as a gift or just decided it was time to enjoy the benefits of one.

There is one other consideration before you can start relaxing and that is where or how can you hang it?

If you have trees that are conveniently spaced apart then all you will need is some type of rope suspension system (see image below).

Ideally a type that will not damage your trees and one that is easy to install and adjust.

No Trees no problem!

Another option you might have is a patio structure, if so and it is strong enough you may be able to use a suspension system that secures to the beams or post (see image to the right).

Provided there is adequate distance between them so you can get the right amount of adjustment needed to be comfortable.

Not all hammocks hang the same.

The type of hammock you own will determine how it should be hung.

Cotton hammocks without spreader bars generally are hung with a snag in the middle (visualize a banana) opposed to hammocks with spreader bars which are hung taut.

A universal kit allows you to hang your hammock from a beam, ceiling or a wall (provided there is a support system (studs) behind the wall if it is drywall).

Lastly you can also use a stand that is designed to adjust and will accommodate almost any type of hammock you may have.

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Hammock Rope System