Best Hammocks For Camping

Posted by Steven Barnhart on 10th Jun 2021

Best Hammocks For Camping

Some hammock ideas for campers.

The best hammocks for camping would be the one that is the most comfortable for you!

It would not have anything to do with a brand name, color or model. 

The most important consideration when choosing a hammock for you is how is it going to be used and how often?

If you are an avid camper and spend a lot of time hiking and camping in your favorite wilderness areas then you want to make sure you are comfortable at night or the next day will be difficult. 

Durability and lightweight is a must!

The hammock you select for your adventures needs to be as rugged as you are and you will want it to last.

Where the brand name and/or model would come into play would be the stress you are going to be putting it through. 

If you camp once a year on a single weekend then you can get by with an entry level hammock that may not be a huge investment, it however still needs to be comfortable for you.

A popular material is parachute silk because it is lightweight but extremely durable; it breathes well which is important if you encounter rainy weather because it will dry out quickly, it is also smooth to the touch.

Making the hard choice hammock or tent?

There are of course advantages and disadvantages to both the tent and the hammock.

So the obvious choice would be to use both if that is possible.

Camping with a tent will provide shelter if the weather is not cooperating however, you will not have a speculator view of the night sky.

Then there is the weight issue and you will have to pack in a tent which will add weight and also take up more space, if you are driving to a campsite then this is not an issue.

If you are packing into a wilderness area at high altitude then the extra weight could be a real factor, also the tent is taking up space that could be used for something else more important to you.

Then there is the comfort factor, if done right a hammock suspended correctly with the right padding will be far more comfortable than the hard ground.

Finally you will need a suitable location to setup a tent, whereas suspending a hammock requires a couple trees positioned far even apart for a hammock suspension kit and you are set.

The elements that are important for a camping hammock are:

It must be lightweight but at the same time durable and be portable enough to easily transport in a backpack.

It must have an adjustment/hanging system that is easy to setup and easy to adjust or take down, you don't want to spend your precious outdoor time fumbling with your hammock.

It would be nice if they are machine washable and if it is important to you offered in a variety of bold colors.

Learn more about  lightweight hammocks for camping.

As always safety first when hammock camping!

Hammock camping can be fun any time of the year and with a few guidelines you can also keep it safe.

To avoid taking a major header that will require a 911 call hang your hammock less than three feet off the ground for obvious reasons.

Refrain from hanging your hammock over sharp objects on the ground like rocks etc; avoid running water or any other camping furniture like tables or chairs. (as inviting as the image above may seem overnight sleep like that is not recommended)

Hammocks do not make ideal bunk beds so avoid hammock stacking the person below may be you!

Finally keep all food out of your hammock as inviting a midnight snack may be if you are in bear country someone else may want to join in.

Camping in the winter with a hammock?

Okay we are all familiar with the great outdoors and what it has to offer in the summer but the winter?

Yes you can enjoy hiking and camping in the winter and depending where you go it can be beautiful.

Need some winter camping tips?

They say a picture is worth a thousand words so a video must be off the charts!