2 Person Free Standing Hammocks | The Hammock Solution For Couples!

Posted by Steven Barnhart on 29th Dec 2016

2 Person Free Standing Hammocks

The Free Standing Hammock

What does free standing mean?

If you are the type of person that likes to share with your partner and enjoy leisure time in a hammock.

Then your first item of consideration should be a 2 person free standing hammocks or often referred to has a hammock & stand combo.

Especially if you do not have trees properly spaced or other support structure strong enough for two people.

When the term “ free standing” is used it refers to being able to support a hammock without a support structure like a pergola or trees.

These structures have to be spaced far enough apart so the hammock can be properly adjusted.

What are your options?

There are two types of hammock stands, one being some type of wood (commonly spruce or cypress) and the other type would be made of metal

It would be advantageous to have the metal powder coated for longevity against the elements.

Another option that may be important is that the hammock stand is adjustable, an adjustable stand will work for almost any hammock that you may have in the future.

Hammock & Stand Combo

The support factor!

Regardless which type you select the most important factor is selecting a stand that will support the weight of 2 people, which should also be matched by the hammock you will be using.

It is useless to have a hammock that will support 500 pounds and then select a hammock stand that will only support 200 pounds.

Making all the adjustments!

Another important consideration is making sure the stand is adjustable, unless you are investing in a hammock and stand combination which is by far your best value.

Another option you have is to invest in a  suspension system for the hammock that is easily adjusted making it much easier to hang the hammock from a variety of different support options.

2 person free standing hammocks are ideal because they can be used in any backyard or patio situation as long as there is enough room for the entire unit.