100+ Backyard Fire Pit Ideas

Benefits of having a backyard fire pit

If you are lucky to live in the ideal area you can use a fire pit all year long but especially when the evenings start to get colder in the early fall.

In some areas of the country the climate where you reside you may have a cooling off period even in the heat of summer.

In fact when it is blazing hot and rather strain your air conditioner you can cook your meals outside so you are not using your stove in the house.

The main benefit of a fire pit in your backyard is it will be the social gathering area whether with a special loved one or with your close friends and family.

There is something very calming about gathering around a fire and letting the warmth wash over you and just stare into the flames.

It is actually can be a form of meditation.

If the idea of a fire pit and its benefits sound interesting to you then browse the 100+ backyard fire pit ideas below.

Just to be clear a fireplace and a fire pit are two completely different items.


So, what is the big deal about copper fire pits? Why are they so popular? First and most important copper will last much longer making them a solid investment even after thousands of fires you are not likely going to have any failure. Another benefit is copper will not rust or corrode even when exposed to water unlike other metals that will not fair so well against the elements. In fact, a copper fire pit will in time turn into a gorgeous patina that can be cleaned or left alone depending on your desired look.

There are several advantages to investing in a fire pit table the most obvious is you will be able to entertain several guests for dining or just enjoying your favorite beverages. It will also extend your living space from indoors to include the outdoors which in the long run may actually help save on your energy bills because heating up the kitchen will increase your air conditioning bill. You can also create a luxurious outdoor living space with the right table and chairs which will add value to your home.

Investing in a fire pit with a grill doubles your cooking space and will allow you to take some of the heavy cooking outside the kitchen, besides the view is probably better outside as well. Another benefit is if you are entertaining a large group of guests it will allow you to do some of the cooking outdoors rather than putting on the stress on your kitchen space.

The benefit of having a fire pit with a screen is self-explanatory it is all about safety especially if there are going to be children around the fire pit. Not all fire pits feature a screen that is why we have listed some of the popular ones here.

You can use a fire pit ring to create your own unique design either with a decorative ring which will require no extra effort or a solid plain ring that you can line with the decorative stones of your choice. Without a doubt using a fire pit ring is the most economical way to have a fire pit in your backyard living space.

Some important considerations before investing in a new fire pit ring:

As always safety first: Since there may not be a wire mesh top or some sort of lid there may be risk of sparks and other flying debris which can ignite materials that may be in the immediate area like dry grass, dead tree leaves or other flammable material.

The fire pit ring material: The most common material used in construction of a fire pit ring is metal, however, there are other materials.

Since these rings are exposed to intense heat and high temperatures for long periods of time it is important to make sure it is high quality material.

Selecting the right size fire pit ring: When you are investing in your ring you may want to consider the area where it is going to be used.

Some rings can get up to 45 inches and for safety reasons you want to make sure you have adequate space for the ring you are purchasing.

Remember the larger the ring the more material it can hold and therefore the larger the fire which in turn can present a safety situation. 

A few more benefits of a backyard fire pit

It doesn’t take a genius to understand the joys of a fire pit as the early caveman said “fire good” okay that is not a direct quote just use some imagination.

However, there are many benefits to having an outdoor fire pit in your backyard living space and listed below are just a few:

You can create an endless summer in a way.

Almost everyone who enjoys the summer months hate to see them go, but with an outdoor fire pit you can make those days last just a bit longer.

For most it is the cooler evenings that drive most people indoors to seek a warmer atmosphere however, with a fire pit you can enjoy more time outdoors because they will provide that warmth you are seeking.

Having a fire pit is like having a second cook stove

This is an excellent feature especially during the hot summer months, you may not be motivated to huddle around a fire pit when it is blazing hot outside but it can serve as another way to cook your meals without heating up your kitchen.

There is a plethora of different cooking options with a fire pit grill so you are not just stuck with hamburgers or hot dogs!

A fire pit is an excellent way of lighting your backyard

Have you ever been relaxing in your favorite chair in the backyard and someone turns on the backyard light and it is like a bolt of lighting went through your brain?

No one wants a flood light on when you are trying to decompress and relax on the patio or in your backyard area.

A fire has a subtle way of lighting your outdoor living space without being overbearing and you can increase it at your leisure by putting another log on the fire or turning up the gas.

There is something relaxing about a fire

I am sure someone with insight into the human psyche could explain in great scientific detail why sitting around a fire is relaxing and enjoyed by so many.

But for most it just feels good and staring into the flames can be hypnotizing, the warmth on your face on a cool fall night is very soothing.

The right modern outdoor fire pit can add value to your home

You can hear a new prospective buyer right now “oh look dear there is an awesome fire pit in the backyard”.


The right fire pit can add a great deal of value to your outdoor décor and anyone looking to buy your property when it is time to sell will be able to see themselves enjoying the evenings the same way you do.

Of course, it goes without saying a modern fire pit would not mean a rusty portable fire pit with wheels that a ready to fall off.

So when it is time to invest in a backyard fire choose a product that will last and provide value in the future.

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