RV Outdoor Patio Mats

Outdoor RV Mats

RV Outdoor Mats

Maybe your idea of an RV is Robin Williams (As Bob Munro) and his dysfunctional family taking off on a road trip bound for the Rocky Mountains after renting an RV.

Or maybe you own a recreational vehicle and know every back road and campground all across the United States. Regardless which category you fall in hitting the open road with an RV can be pure joy.

However it is going to be a much better trip if you are equipped with the right accessories that will make your day to day living on the road much more comfortable.

Made In The Shade Hammocks rv mats are made of 100% Virgin Polypropylene that has been treated with the best UV-stabilizer available to hinder damage from sun exposure.

Three straws of varying colors, 1.7mm to 1.9mm in diameter, are tightly woven together for increased strength, thickness, and durability.

The 3 foot wide sections are sewn together with extra-strong thread. Reinforced tie-downs are attached at each corner to secure the mat in high winds.

Finally, the edges are trimmed with a heat gun, and a colorful band is sewn around the edges.

Our patio/outdoor RV mats are available in several sizes, 6 x 9 ft. and 9 x 12 ft., and 9 x 18 feet. The reinforced corner tie-downs are included with each mat for those windy occasions.

These mats can be used for several different occasions, at the beach, at the ballpark in front of the modern motorhome or just in your backyard!