Patio Mats

Patio Mat By Swimming Pool

Outdoor Patio Mats

The one area in the backyard that often gets the most use is the patio and a patio mat is the ideal accessory that can add color and pop to your backyard décor.

They can be placed under your patio furniture or in front of your entry way (which is usually sliding glass doors) to help keep debris from entering your living space.

Besides your patio you can use patio mats by the swimming pool, under a hammock if you are lucky enough to own one or spread one out on the lawn (they will not kill grass) to enjoy the sunshine.

It is nice to be able to go outside barefooted but sometimes concrete is not very forgiving on the feet so a mat will make it far more enjoyable and you won’t have dirty feet going back into your home.

A unique feature of most is the reversible option so if you grow tired of one design just flip it over and you have a completely different look!

Besides the outdoor furniture you can add planter boxes on the corners to keep them from flying up on those windy days and it also helps add additional color to your backyard design.