Large Outdoor Mats - By Size


Large Outdoor Mats - What are they made of?

Have you ever ordered a beverage and the waitress brought it to you with a straw inserted? More than likely it was a polypropylene material or another word would be plastic. However that straw is almost indestructible, you can tie it in knots, chew on it, twist it or do whatever you want and it still stays together, that is the same material these mats are constructed of, only much longer and larger versions of that straw.

There is another difference between the beverage straw and these mats and that is the material is 100% extruded polypropylene and it is combined with a strong UV stabilizer to help against the damaging rays of the sun.

These mats are designed into a unique weave that allows air and water to pass through therefore it will not kill your grass yet they are strong enough to withstand the daily foot traffic and other wear and tear you may put it through.

To safe guard against your mat blowing away should you experience a windy day, there are nylon loops on each corner that will allow you to stake down the corners so your mat remains secured and does not end up in the next county.

The reason nylon loops are used instead of grommets is the nylon will not rust and fall out over time.

There are other types of mats in the market place but buyer beware, some things to look for:

Will they clean up with a hose or broom?

Will they retain water and rot or mildew?

Will they fade in the sun?

Will the grommets on the corners rust and fall out?

Are they reversible so you can feature a different look when you want?

Are they lightweight and easy to transport?