Kids Hammock Swing

kids hammock swing


 Kids Hammock Swing

The idea of an old tire swing in the backyard is nice for a childhood memory but if you want to have a hanging swing chair for a child that is comfortable it is going to require something a little better than an old tire!

The chairs featured here are comfortable, durable and can handle up to 175 pounds!

You can rock and swing with these chairs in extreme comfort, so find your spot to hang these for backyard or patio relaxation!

The material is 100% cotton that is comfortable with doubled weft threads provide a high degree of tear proof performance. 

These chairs feature a patented swivel design that will not tangle the suspension rope so your child can rotate in circles with no worries!

With a hammock chair stand you can place one indoors in a play room or recreation area!

So whether you decide to provide one for the outdoors or indoors there is a model and accessory to help you!