Hammock Chairs


Hammock Chair Swings

Our hammock chairs are handcrafted in Brazil and other countries where hammocks are commonplace. If you have been considering a porch swing or a hanging bed, then you may consider a hanging hammock chair.

So what is a hammock chair? Well take a cotton type hammock without spreader bars fold it in the shape of a taco and voila, you have a comfortable lounger.

The chair takes pressure off your back and is completely relaxing for watching a movie, reading your favorite book, doing homework or just snoozing.

Next question where can I hang one? Any sturdy ceiling structure will support a hammock chair with the proper hardware, however if you would rather have it portable (for indoor or outdoor use) you may consider a hammock chair stand.

Regardless of where you decide to place the chair there is no doubt there may be competition for the use of it, once people try it.