Hammock Chair Tree Rope

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The ideal hammock chair suspension system that is UV treated and weatherproof!

This hammock chair tree rope system revolutionizes the suspension of your hammock hanging.

Its construction is very practical; its material is resistant to UV-rays and also weatherproof.

Using this suspension not only simplifies the adaption of the rope length, but also provides for a swift mounting and demounting of your hammock.

What makes this rope unique?

smart hook for hammockSmartHook Technology:

The length of the rope is easily adjustable with the SmartHook.




all weather hammock accessoryAll Weather Use:

This system is weatherproof and UV-resistant, making it suitable for permanent outdoor use.





weight capacity of smart hookCarrying capacity: 160 kg (355 lbs).




accessory materialMaterial description: Hook: Fiberglass reinforced polyamide; Rope: Heat setted polyester.