Extra Large Spreader Bar Hammock | Cotton Fabric

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Over Sized Spreader Bar Hammock


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The Palacio Hammock is hand woven in Brazil with 100% recycled cotton. 

This hammock is hand woven from Brazil and is large enough for the whole family to enjoy. Unlike many traditional Brazilian hammocks, this hammock features a wooden spreader bar and features a large, deep sleep pocket and an anti-tipping design.

Hammock Specifications: 

Dimensions: 63” x 95” 
Typical hammocks are roughly 45-50 inches wide the Palacio is 63" wide HUGE!
Weight capacity: 440 pounds.
Overall Length: 142".

Advantages of a spreader bar hammock

Hammocks that feature a spreader bar are preferred by people who like to sun bathe because the spreader bars keep the lying surface open and taut not allowing any shadow to block their sun.

The ideal lying position is lengthwise towards the middle of the hammock for maximum comfort and taking full advantage of this type of design.

Unlike some other hammock types that should be hung with a slight dip in the middle the spreader bar hammock should be suspended taut for maximum comfort!

Approximately 20 million Brazilians prefer to sleep in a hammock every night instead of using a traditional bed.

Just like music, dance and football, hammocks are a perfect example of the Brazilian lifestyle.

There are areas of the country where it is traditional to embellish the hammock with decorative fringes and macramé.

In Brazil the women are the masters of the knotting techniques used to do these traditional handicrafts. It is their dedication that prevents this traditional artisan craft from being lost to humankind.

Please note:  Not all hammocks come with the necessary hardware to hang them because every situation is different, some individuals may have a support system while others may need a stand and other hardware. You can find whatever you may need for a hammock or hammock chair on our hammock accessories page