Extra Large Hammock Swing | Globo Chair |Teal

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45.0 LBS
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Royal Globo Chair (Teal) - This extra large hammock swing chair is the perfect accessory for a recreation room (with optional stand). Enjoy watching tv or reading your favorite book.

Globo Hanging Chair

Design an over-sized hanging chair for comfort and longevity, add a splash of elegance and you have the Royal Globo chair with room enough for two or amazing comfort for one.

Constructed with weatherproof spruce wood, and featuring a plush yet sturdy cotton covered, poly-filled cushion, this chair is designed to provide you with maximum comfort! With the Globo stand (optional) you can enjoy it indoors or out!

Hooks/spring hooks and tools to assemble are included. Ropes or chains for hanging are not included. Consider the Swivel Hammock Chair Hook and Smart Rope accessories for hanging from our Hammock Accessories page, if you wish, or purchase from a local hardware department to suit your needs.

Color: Teal

Dimensions:  69"Long x 46.5"Wide x 28" Deep.

Capacity: 440 lbs.