Hammock Blog

Staying Warm In A Hammock – Even In Winter!

Posted by Steven Barnhart on 20th Jan 2017

Sleeping in a hammock can be a great experience, however if it is not setup properly you may not have an enjoyable night. Even in summer it can get cool at night and the draft under a hammock may … read more

Hammock Camping – Being Responsible - Leave No Trace

Posted by Steven Barnhart on 17th Jan 2017

Hammock camping is a great way to enjoy our great outdoors, be a good soul and leave the wilderness as you found it, if only there were some guidelines.... oh look there is an infographic below! … read more

Create A Relaxing Area In Your Backyard With A Hammock

Posted by Steven Barnhart on 11th Jan 2017

Paradise in your own backyard with a hammockIt is late afternoon and you just got home from a stressful day at the office or dealing with the many tasks of running a household, regardless of the rea … read more

Outdoor Furniture Made From Recycled Plastic

Posted by Steven Barnhart on 17th Aug 2016

Using Recycled Plastic Rather Than Using A Landfill If you are looking for outdoor furniture and like the idea of a recycled product then you may be interested in outdoor furniture made f … read more