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Tips For Hanging Your Patio Lights

Posted by Steven Barnhart on 6th Feb 2017

Create An Outdoor Space You Can Use 24 HoursYou have selected your perfect hammock for relaxing on your patio and it is surrounded by all your amazing outdoor patio furniture.The only thing … read more

Hammock Hanging Hardware Kits For Indoor Or Outdoor

Posted by Steven Barnhart on 2nd Feb 2017

Use the right suspension system for safe and comfortable hammock time!If you are lucky enough to have purchased or received a hammock then the next order of business is to figure out your hammock han … read more

Product Suggestion – Double Hammocks With Spreader Bars

Posted by Steven Barnhart on 23rd Jan 2017

These double hammocks are comfortable enough for two or complete paradise for one! The Hawaii model features a padded laying surface and a built in pillow for your head. The spreader ba … read more

Staying Warm In A Hammock – Even In Winter!

Posted by Steven Barnhart on 20th Jan 2017

Sleeping in a hammock can be a great experience, however if it is not setup properly you may not have an enjoyable night. Even in summer it can get cool at night and the draft under a hammock may … read more

Hammock Camping – Being Responsible - Leave No Trace

Posted by Steven Barnhart on 17th Jan 2017

Hammock camping is a great way to enjoy our great outdoors, be a good soul and leave the wilderness as you found it, if only there were some guidelines.... oh look there is an infographic below! … read more