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Creating A Backyard Waterfall

Posted by Steven Barnhart on 2nd May 2017

Your backyard is all set for total leisure and comfort, you have your flowers planted and the hammock is set up in your favorite spot near your garden.You have the patio furniture arranged just perfec … read more

Different Types Of Hammocks |Useful Hammock Accessories

Posted by Steven Barnhart on 5th Apr 2017

Increase Your Hammock Knowledge! Before you invest in a hammock it would be wise to brush up on the different types of hammocks and some of the useful hammock accessories. Increasing your kn … read more

Benefits Of Sleeping In A Hammock

Posted by Steven Barnhart on 4th Apr 2017

Can A Hammock Be Beneficial To Your Health? Before we get carried away about the possible health benefits of sleeping in a hammock it should be noted that everyone is not the same and experi … read more

Adirondack Chairs Made From Recycled Plastic

Posted by Steven Barnhart on 30th Mar 2017

A Classic Design Re-imagined For The Modern Age Say what? The classic Adirondack design made from recycled plastic? How can this be? Well frankly rather easily with a modern plastic mold inject … read more