Adirondack Chairs Made From Recycled Plastic

Posted by Steven Barnhart on 30th Mar 2017

Classic Adirondack Chairs

Adirondack Chairs Made From Recycled Plastic

A Classic Design Re-imagined For The Modern Age!

Say what? 

The classic Adirondack design made from recycled plastic? 

How can this be? 

Well frankly rather easily with a modern plastic mold injection process, that allows the color to be blended in rather than painted on, which means no peeling off!

The ever popular Adirondack chair is now offered with stylish bold colors and a 20 year warranty!

The quality speaks for itself.

This is not the stack them high cheap plastic chair that you can get for a few dollars at your favorite discount store, rather this chair is engineered to last a very long time and will not crack, peel, warp or fade.

This chair is possible because of poly lumber a unique product that is:

Eco-friendly product made with recycled or virgin plastic, the color is added in the manufacturing process so it will not peel.

Poly lumber is designed to last for a long time.

These are engineered with durable poly lumber that features the look of painted wood without all the maintenance normally associated with wooden chairs.

Durable and will withstand the harsh elements season after season, so you and your guests can enjoy them for a long time.

Just as comfortable as the original Adirondack designs because it is identical to the popular design.

Vibrant colors add value to your living space.

These chairs are offered in a variety of bold colors that will add a pop of color in your outdoor living space. Coupled with some poly lumber patio tables you have the perfect hang out spot on your patio.

Held together with stainless steel hardware that will not rust.

So would the inventor of the original Adirondack Thomas Lee approve of his masterpiece being offered in plastic? 

No one will likely ever know for sure but given the circumstances with our planet as it is today he may very well approve of it.

So there you have it Adirondack Chairs Made From Recycled Plastic who would have imagined, a true classic brought into the modern age of recycled products and made to last for a long time!

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Adirondack Chairs Made From Recycled Plastic